Panel Discussion for A.I career development
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Event details:

On Oct 19th at Active-Connector events, we will be having a panel discussion with 2 professionals who have a wealth of experience and understanding of the AI industry in Japan and how to build your career around AI.

Who should attend

- AI engineers/scientists who want to know more about AI careers, start-ups in the industry and current direction of the industry.
- Anyone who is looking for new career opportunities in AI.
- Those in the IT industry wanting to learn more about AI and how they can transition to it from their current expertise.

What matters most to you?

- How to transition into an AI-related career
- The direction the AI industry is heading in Japan
- Current opportunities available to start your career in AI.


18:30 – 19:00 – Check-in.
19:00 – 19:10 – Introduction of speakers.
19:10 – 19:35 – AI start-ups, Direction -> Skills needed for AI, how to transition to AI.
19:35 – 20:20 – Panel open for Q&A with the audience
20:20 – 21:00 – Networking and personal Q&A, food and beverages provided.

"Please be aware that due to the limited number of seats available for this event, we will be running a lottery system to select the attendees. Please be sure to sign up to our website at
to be eligible to attend the event.”

Those who have attended an event hosted by us before will incur a fee of 1000yen for this event. If you are a new attendee, the event will be free.


Yanagihara Takashi:

Currently the CEO/Founder of a leading venture company, specializing in providing consultation and development of AI for their clients.
At the age of 10, he started developing games using N88-Basic. When he was in junior high/ high school. He regularly went to Akihabara to practice programming. When he was a college student, he was involved in developing PS2 Games at SCE. After he graduated he joined a leading telecommunication company and was in-charge of new business planning. Then had a stint at as a consultant for electronic trading for major financial companies and institutions in Japan and overseas. He was in-charge of the trading, FIX application development, Risk analysis software. Developing the algorithms for a trading system. Having founded his own company, he has worked to provide specialist consultation to businesses on how to implement A.I to improve business processes that would positively affect their clients.

A family man with 3 kids. When he was at the age of 30 he was hooked on hiking and climbing up mountain trails.

2. Kiran Mysore Ravi

Working as one of the top Innovation firms in Japan. Taking the lead in spreading the innovation support activities in India by building a network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Kiran supports over 100 startups in Asia including many start-ups in AI. Prior to joining his current company, he has worked at an early/seed stage VC firm in Tokyo, and as a Software Developer at a leading travel e-commerce company in India. He also co-founded a social enterprise named 'Kriya'. 

Graduating from Master's in Technology Management from The University of Tokyo with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. During his time at the University of Tokyo, he was selected as a delegate and a young leader in entrepreneurship/business conferences in Silicon Valley (Stanford), Switzerland and China. He was also nominated as one of the leaders of tomorrow for "Youth version Davos" called St. Gallen Symposium. While working professionally at the innovation firm, he is dedicated to his research on Artificial Intelligence and regularly published the papers and has been gaining acknowledgment in the field.

This event is part of a series by Active-Connector.

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